IAS Astrophysics Group Learning Seminar IAS Astrophysics Group Learning Seminar:
Gravitational Waves

Lecture 1: GR refresher. Gravitational waves & 2-body problem (Lena Murchikova & Elias Most) [pdf]
Lecture 2: Gravitational waves refresher & 2-body problem (Lev Arzamasskiy & Giovanni Cabass)
Lecture 3: Perturbation theory. Post-Newtonian approximation (Horng Sheng Chia) [pdf]
Lecture 4: Numerical relativity. Fundamentals (Elias Most) [pdf]
Lecture 5: LIGO detectors. Fundamentals (Matias Zaldarriaga) [pdf]
Lecture 6: LIGO. Binary black holes (Lena Murchikova) [pdf]
Lecture 7: LIGO. Binary neutron stars (Carolyn Raithel) [pdf]
Lecture 8: Pulsar timing array (Libby Tolman & Horng Sheng Chia) [pdf1, pdf2]
Lecture 9: GW Data analysis (Elias Most & Seth Olsen) [pdf1, pdf2]

LIGO: GWTC-2 Data Release. Parameter Estimation Samples and Skymaps
Seth: The notebook PEDataReleaseExample.ipynb gives a great walkthrough of how to plot the posteriors and PSDs and waveforms from the O3a catalog data in all_posterior_samples.tar.

Lecture 10: Quantum mechanics of GW detectors (Horng Sheng Chia) [pdf]
Lecture 11: Next-gen science: LISA, Einstein Telescope, Cosmic Explorer (Carolyn Raithel & Seth Olsen) [pdf1, pdf2]
Lecture 12: GW and cosmology. Hubble constant (Andrina Nicola)

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