Popular articles and talks: solar neutrinos, Hubble Space Telescope, prioritizing science, and quasars

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Chemical Controversy at the Solar Surface, Physics World, 18, No. 2, 26 (2005)

Remarks on receiving the Dan David Prize in cosmology and astronomy 5/18/2003.     pdf file   MS Word document   

Summary of lecture given following receipt of the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society 11/14/03.     pdf file   MS Word document

Remarks made on receiving the Enrico Fermi Award 10/22/03.
pdf file   MS Word document

Interview with John Bahcall in Candid Science IV, Conversations with Famous Physicists, authors Magdolna Hargittai and István Hargittai (Imperial College Press 2004), pp. 232-259.
pdf file

solar neutrinos

Hubble Space Telescope

prioritizing science

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