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Vitya Alexandrov PhD

"В действительности все не так, как на самом деле"
(In reality things are not what they truly are)

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I am a postdoctoral fellow in Simon's Center for Systems Biology. This is my first job after PhD in theoretical physics, and it is truly exciting to work on the physics of living things here in the Institute. I received my undergraduate degree in Moscow State University and continued to PhD in Physics at Rutgers, New Jersey. Details are below or you can download my CV in PDF format



    2014- 2017 IAS, Princeton
      Starr Foundation Member in Biology
      (postdoctoral research fellow)
      2010- 2014 Rutgers, New jersey
        Graduate assistant
        2009- 2010 Rutgers, New jersey
          Teaching assistant


          • Cancer Genetics
          • e.g. TCGA and other datasets
          • Bacterial growth modeling
          • including single cell data
          • Functional MRI studies
          • Topology (Persistent Homology), Classification and Machine learning