Outreach and responsibilities

Outreach in theoretical physics

I have realised a project within the Agora scheme of the Swiss National Science foundation with the title A Voyage to the Boundaries of Theoretical Physics . The project had the purpose of illustrating to high-school students some aspects of the life and research of a theoretical physicist. To this end, I realised the YouTube videos Why black holes could delete the universe — The information paradox and String theory explained — What is the true nature of reality? in collaboration with Kurzgesagt (over 40,000,000 views to date). I have also visited high schools in several Cantons in Switzerland.
School photo
It is possible to download the posters for each video, as well as a booklet which may be useful for teachers who may want to present this material in class or for other educational, not-for-profit purposes.

You can find more information on the project at the following links:

Institutional responsibilities

2020 — Appointed Member, Collegio dei Docenti
PhD course in Physics, University of Padova.
2016 — 2018 Elected Member, Institute's Council
Institute for Theoretical Physics, ETH Zurich.
2014 — 2015 Chairman, Young Researchers Council
Marie-Curie Network GATIS.