Joint Institute for Advanced Study / Princeton University Astrophysics Colloquium

Current Colloquium Schedule

Datesort descending Speaker Title
September 18, 2018 Jim Stone (Princeton) TBD
September 25, 2018 Raphael Flauger (UC-San Diego) TBD
October 2, 2018 Adrian Price-Whelan (Princeton) TBD
October 9, 2018 Gregg Hallinan (Caltech) TBD
October 16, 2018 Todd Thompson (Ohio State) TBD
October 23, 2018 Michael Kramer (Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie) New Results in Tests of Gravity with Radio Pulsars
November 6, 2018 Keivan Stassun (Vanderbilt) TBD
November 13, 2018 Jay Melosh (Purdue) Probing Behind the Man in the Moon: Results from NASA’s GRAIL Mission
November 20, 2018 Tracy Slatyer (MIT) TBD
November 27, 2018 Crystal Martin (UC-Santa Barbara) TBD
December 4, 2018 Andrei Lupas (Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology) TBD
December 11, 2018 Shirley Ho (Flatiron Institute) TBD


Colloquia Archives

Colloquiums this semester are held on Tuesdays at 11:00 am in the Bloomberg Hall Auditorium at the Institute for Advanced Study.
Coffee and refreshments are served at 10:15 am in the Bloomberg Hall common room.

The Joint Astrophysics Colloquium is immediately followed by the Bahcall Lunch.
Location: Institute for Advanced Study,  Simons Hall.
Time: 12:15 pm.

For additional information about the talks at the Institute for Advanced Study, contact the IAS organizers David Radice, Colin Hill or Dawn Dunbar.

Videos of past talks at IAS can be found on the IAS video server or on YouTube