Seminar Series - Fall 2012

Simons Center for Systems Biology
Seminar Series - Fall 2012

Bloomberg Hall 113
Institute for Advanced Study


August 2
10:30 am
Arnold J. Levine
Institute for Advanced Study
Adaptive Immunity
August 17
2:00 pm
Xiongfei Fu
University of Hong Kong
Pattern Formation in Expanding Cell Population
October 2
2:00 pm


Elke Markert
Institute for Advanced Study
Predicting Outcomes Using Stem Cell Signatures
November 7 Frank Poelwijk
UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas
Evolutionary Dynamics and the Design of Natural Proteins
December 10
2:30 pm
Greg Huber
Kavli Institute, UCSB
Geometry and Topology of an Intracellular Membrane