Seminar Series - Spring 2012

Simons Center for Systems Biology
Seminar Series - Spring 2012

Bloomberg Hall 113
Institute for Advanced Study


February 10
4:00 pm
Julide T. Celebi
Columbia University
Molecular Genetics of Melanoma
February 22
10:30 am
D. Eric Smith
Santa Fe Institute
Non-Equilibrium Physics
February 23
2:30 pm


D. Eric Smith
Santa Fe Institute
The Logic of Metabolism Reflected in the Emergence, Organization, and
Long-term Evolution of the Biosphere

March 14
4:00 pm
Matthew Rockman
New York University
Genetic Consequences of Selfing in C. elegans
March 20
10:30 am
Lucy Colwell
Harvard University
Using Large Sets of Sequences to Predict Protein Structure
April 5
4:00 pm
David MacPherson
Carnegie Institution for Science
RB Collaborators in Cancer
April 20
10:30 am
Johan Paulsson
Harvard Medical School
Fluctuation Theory for Cell Biology
April 20
4:00 pm
Shridar Ganesan
The Cancer Institute of New Jersey
TRIM33-Mediated Regulation of the PARP-Dependent DNA Repair Response
May 9
10:00 am
Tsvi Tlusty
Weizmann Institute of Science; Institute for Advanced Study
The Ribosome: the Engine of the Living von Neumann's Comstructor
May 14
2:00 pm
Chang S. Chan
The Cancer Institute of New Jersey
p53 and Germline Mutation
May 14
4:00 pm
James M. Pipas
University of Pittsburgh
Exploring the Viral Universe and the Panviral Proteome
June 13
3:10 pm
Martin Hemberg
Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School
Mechanisms and Models of Distal Enhancers in Inducible Gene Expression
June 21
10:30 am
Giovanni Zocchi
University of California, Los Angeles
The Internal Rheology of Enzymes
June 21
4:00 pm
Tamara Lotan
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
PTEN in Prostate Epithelial Morphogenesis and Cancer
June 28
2:00 pm
Judith L. Yanowitz
Magee-Womens Research Institute, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
X and the Art of Crossover Maintenance