Changing Passwords

To change your password, login to using SSH ​Secure Shell terminal and run the sns_passwd command.

The sns_passwd command will update both your Windows and Unix passwords. The Unix password is used for everything except Windows computers.

If sns_passwd generates an error, please contact computing. This error implies that your passwords are not in sync between Windows and Unix and cannot be updated without assistance from the SNS computing staff. We'll be glad to help you with this.

Changing your password necessitates re-authenticating to the IAS-scholar and eduroam network if you already have previously registered your mobile devices.

NOTE:  If you run Mac OS X in your office computer, please log out then log back in with your new password. You will be immediately prompted to update your keychain password. Click on Update Keychain Password and enter your old password.  This updates the old password in the keychain with the new one you used to login.