I am Vera Gluscevic,
Member of the Institute for Advanced Study
in Princeton, USA.

My work focuses on cosmological and (astro)physical tests of new physics. I use a combination of theoretical calculations and data analysis (ranging from the cosmic microwave background, to direct detection searches for dark matter) to probe dark matter, dark energy, and the processes that shaped our universe.

Before coming to the IAS, I was a Ph.D. student at Caltech, working in the TAPIR group with Marc Kamionkowski and Chris Hirata. Before that, I was an undergraduate at Matematicki Fakultet, University of Belgrade.

Research highlights

A new method to search for primordial magnetic fields

Anisotropy in redshifted 21-cm radiation from hydrogen prior to reionization is intrinsically sensitive to magnetic fields of 10^{-22} Gauss. Futuristic 21-cm tomography surveys (like FFTT with a few square kilometers coverage area) will be sensitive to such tiny magnetic fields in the early universe.

Dark energy and parity-violations in the CMB

EB and TB correlations in the CMB can probe new physics. Here is the first CMB constraint of anisotropic cosmic birefringence (a generic signature of scalar-field models for dark energy).

Non-gaussian statistics of Galactic foregrounds as tests of dust contamination

Work in progress!


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