Open Positions - Living Matter Theory Group

Postdoctoral fellows, PhD students (from Jan 2023)

The Theory Group is currently hiring post-doctoral fellows (2 years with potential extension), and Ph.D. students interested in doing theoretical and computational research at the crossroads of physics, chemistry, and biology. Our Group is part of a renewed Institute of Basic Science (IBS) Center in Ulsan National Institute for Science and Technology (UNIST), Korea.

We study living and chemical systems at multiple scales, with an emphasis on understanding their emergence, evolution, and hierarchical self-organization (see our recent research directions and publications). Thus, our themes include catalysis and autocatalysis, protein nano-machines, prebiotic chemistry, the emergence of self-replication, and other related subjects. We use various theoretical and computational approaches, such as deep learning, statistical physics and information theory, and algorithmic chemistry, to study frontier problems. Many of our projects are in tight collaboration with Systems Chemistry Group of Bartosz Grzybowski.

We are seeking highly-motivated individuals who may come from diverse backgrounds, such as computer science, systems biology and chemistry, quantitative biology, non-equilibrium physics, and related fields. No previous knowledge is required, only the willingness to learn a new subject and dedication to creative and independent research. Our Center offers world-class experimental and computational facilities and competitive benefits.

Candidates should send an application consisting of a CV, and a brief statement of research experience and interests. We may ask later for letters of recommendation. Starting date is flexible. Please write to Dr. Tsvi Tlusty at

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