Open Positions
postdoctoral and research fellows, PhD students
Tsvi Tlusty
Tsvi Tlusty, Ph. D.
Distinguished Professor   Department of Physics
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology


Center for Soft and Living Matter
Institute for Basic Science, Ulsan

Visiting positions  

Universal Biology Inst., Tokyo Univ.
Simons Centre, NCBS

Somya Mani Dr. Somya Mani

research fellow
JohnMcBride Dr. John McBride

research fellow
William Pineros

Dr. William Piñeros

research fellow

Ashwani Tripathi

Dr. Ashwani Tripathi

research fellow

Tamoghna Das

Dr. Tamoghna Das

research fellow

Guolong Zhu

Dr. Guolong Zhu

research fellow

Long-term visitors

Elisha Moses Prof. Elisha Moses

Weizmann Institute

Eyal Weinreb Mr. Eyal Weinreb

Weizmann Institute