Juven C. Wang

School of Natural Sciences
Institute for Advanced Study
1 Einstein Drive
Princeton, NJ 08540

Academic Experiences

Ph.D. in physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Previously work at National Taiwan University, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and Harvard University.
Currently a Member (postdoc fellow) at the School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study.

Research Interests

Theoretical physics. Condensed matter physics. Many-body quantum systems. Quantum field theory. Topological phases of quantum matter. Strongly Correlated Electrons. Exotic quantum phenomena. See also the IAS page.


Most of my research articles can be found on the arXiv.org through this link.

My other publications can be found here on Google or on Inspire .

Some of my academic talk videos can be found here:

Perimeter Institute PIRSA.

Other Info



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