How Uncertain Are Solar Neutrino Predictions?

How uncertain are solar neutrino predictions?, Phys. Lett. B, 433, 1 (1998), astro-ph/9805135.

Predicted versus measured sound speeds This figure shows the excellent agreement between the calculated (solar model BP98) and the measured (Sun) sound speeds, a fractional difference of 0.001 rms for all speeds measured between 0.05 R and 0.95 R. There are no free parameters in the solar models. The figure shows the fractional difference, c/c, between the predicted model sound speed and the measured solar values as a function of radial position in the sun (R is the solar radius). The vertical scale is chosen so as to emphasize that the fractional error is much smaller than generic fractional changes in the model, 0.03 to 0.08, that might significantly affect the solar neutrino predictions.

Predicted solar neutrino fluxes The standard solar model predictions for the neutrino fluxes, are given together with the 1 sigma uncertainty from all sources (combined quadratically). The software for calculating the uncertainties is available

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