Underground National Laboratory

Mine Lab Status (article) (9/8/02)

Letter to Senator Daschle (11/08/01)

NSF Proposal (6/8/01)

Committee recommendations (3/16/01)

The need for a National Underground Scientific Laboratory (3/16/01)

Summary of Letters of Interest (February-March 2001)

Committee (December 2000)

Press release (March 2001)

Charge (November 2000)

Sites (January 2001)

Site Proposals (February-March 2001)

Technical Evaluation of Sites (final report, 3/21/2001)

Underground science (Revision: 3/16/01)  Postscript format   PDF format

Final Committee Meeting (March 3-4, 2001)

Attendees of Final Committee Meeting (March 3-4, 2001)

Agenda of first meeting (December 14, 2000)

Attendees of first meeting (December 14, 2000)

Site visits  Pictures of site visits (January 9-March 1, 2001)

Letters of interest; invitation to submit (1/31/01)

Enthusiasm Deepens for US
Underground Physics Lab (January 2001)

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