Hubble Space Telescope image of the central region of M15

The central region of M15.

The WFPC2 mosaic covers an area of 5 arcmin2 and consists of a 34'' x 34'' PC1 CCD image and three WF CCD images each 80'' on a side. The image here is a greyscale representation of the median of four V band HST WFPC2 images (each with an exposure time of 8 s) of the central region of M15. The gaps shown in the figure do not accurately represent the slight rotations and actual gaps between the fields of view of adjacent CCDs. The cluster center is located in the PC1 CCD. The scale and orientation of the image are indicated in the upper right.

Figure 1 from the article Globlar Cluster Photometry with the Hubble Space Telescope, V. WFPC2 Study of M15's Central Density Cusp, AJ, 111, 267.

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