Family Photos

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2003 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Physics

April 24, Philadelphia

Acquisition of SBR 8/02

April 1966. Physics department picnic at CalTech, taken by Neta

September 1967 (Canada), Neta and her mother Gita

May 1966. Neta on a boat trip with John during vacation in San Francisco.

May 1966, John and Norm Lebovitz on UCLA tennis courts.

October 1966. Neta and Malcolm Bahcall, during visit to John's parents in Shreveport.

John in high school.

Malcolm, Mildred, Bob and John Bahcall at home, 316 Merrick St., Shreveport, LA.

Neta, Safi, John, Dan, Gita's apartment, Tel Aviv 1972.

John and Neta in Bob and Ginny Saldich's apartment in San Francisco, celebrating their 35th anniversary (8/22/01).

John and Neta near a church in Taby, Sweden. The Viking runestone is about 1000 years old. Picture taken by Lars Bergstrom on April 28, 2001, on a visit to his family. John and Neta spent the last week of April in Sweden, visiting Stockholm, Uppsala, and Goteborg, and giving talks at different intitutions.

Orli in Vienna, March 2001

John and Neta with Lars Bergstrom at home, May 20, 2001.

Orli at 10 Downing Street, February 2001

The four pictures below were taken in Safi's New York apartment prior to a family celebration of Neta's birthday in December 1999.

National Medal of Science Award (1998)
Presentation Day at the White House, April 27, 1999

Family at the White House

Award Dinner

Receiving the award

John with the President

Neta with the President


Everybody together, April 1998. Neta elected to National Academy of Science.

Neta and John, taken by Stan Woosley (March 1998)

Dan, Orli, Neta and John

Neta, Orli and John

John and Orli

The pictures below were taken in Palo Alto, CA, August 1997

Neta and John

Safi and John

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