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VI. Transition from “problem” to “opportunity.” Bahcall, Davis, Parker, Smirnov, Ulrich

The three papers included in this section have been described in the Preface to the paperback edition of 2002. We only need to add here that the announcement of the epochal results from the SNO experiment (VI. 3) on June 18, 2001, immediately led to a torrent of papers that used the SNO results, together with those of the Super-Kamiokande collaboration (VI. 2) and the previously announced results from the chlorine, Kamiokande, SAGE, GALLEX, and GNO experiments, to elucidate the importance of the experimental results for physics and astronomy.

We list directly below the three reprinted articles. Following the list of reprinted papers, we cite (in chronological order of appearance) a few of the articles that appeared in the two months following the SNO announcement in order to give the interested reader a feeling for the jubilation and the enthusiasm of the immediate response to the new results.

VI. Reprinted papers

J.N. Bahcall, S. Basu, M.H. Pinsonneault, “How uncertain are solar neutrino predictions?” Phys. Lett. B 433, 1 (1998).
S. Fukuda et al. (Super-Kamiokande Collaboration), “Solar and hep neutrino measurements from 1258 days of Super-Kamiokande data,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 5651 (2001).
Q.R. Ahmad et al., “Measurement of charged current interactions produced by solar neutrinos at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 071301 (2001).

VI. References

“Unknowns after the SNO charged-current measurement,” V. Barger, D. Marfatia, and K. Whisnant, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 011302 (2002).
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“Global analysis of solar neutrino oscillations including SNO CC measurement,” J.N. Bahcall, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, Carlos Pe\~na-Garay, JHEP 08(2001)014.
“Impact of the first SNO results on neutrino mass and mixing,” A. Bandyopadhyay, S. Choubey, S. Goswami, and K. Kar, Phys. Lett. B 519, 83 (2001).
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“Are there or in the flux of solar neutrinos on Earth?,” C. Giunti, Phys. Rev. D 65, 033006 (2002).
“How Many Sigmas is the Solar Neutrino Effect?,” John N. Bahcall, Phys. Rev. C 65, 015802 (2002).
“Exact analysis of the combined data of SNO and Super-Kamiokande,” V. Berezinsky [hep-ph/0108166].
“Global Analysis with SNO: Toward a Solution of the Solar Neutrino Problem,” P.I. Krastev and A.Yu. Smirnov [hep-ph/0108177].
“Bayesian view of solar neutrino oscillations,” M.V. Garzelli and C. Giunti, JHEP 12(2001)017.