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Books Edited

The Galaxy and the Solar System, R. Smoluchowski, J. N. Bahcall, and M. S. Matthews, eds., University of Arizona Press (1986).

Dark Matter in the Universe, J. N. Bahcall, T. Piran, and S. Weinberg, eds., World Scientific Publications (1988).

The Decade of Discovery in Astronomy and Astrophysics, J. N. Bahcall, Chairman, ed., National Academy Press (1991).

Solar Neutrinos, The First Thirty Years, John N. Bahcall, Raymond Davis, Jr., Peter Parker, Alexei Smirnov, and Roger Ulrich, eds., first paperback edition (Westview Press, 2002).

Unsolved Problems in Astrophysics, John N. Bahcall and Jeremiah P. Ostriker, eds., Princeton University Press (1997).

Dark Matter in the Universe, Second Edition, John Bahcall, Tsvi Piran, and Steven Weinberg, eds., World Scientific (2004).

Neutrino Physics, Its Impact on Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology; Proceedings of the Carolina Symposium on Neutrino Physics, J. Bahcall, W. Haxton, K. Kubodera, and C. Poole, eds., World Scientific (2001).

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