About the Workshop
Perturbative treatments of large scale structures have been studied for many years and they have provided valuable insight into the gravitational clustering process on cosmological scales. More recently it has become clear how Effective Field Theory (EFT) methods can complement these perturbative treatments by providing a description of the linear and mildly non-linear regime of dark matter structure formation that consistently takes into account the non-linear dynamics of very short scales.
During the workshop, we plan to discuss the following issues of the EFT approach:
  • Theoretical considerations: non-locality in time, extensions to higher order, Lagrangian and Eulerian approaches
  • Comparisons: Tests of the EFTofLSS and direct comparison with other analytical approaches and simulations
  • Future developments: EFT of tracers (or bias), redshift space distortions (RSD), relativistic species and inclusion of GR effects
This workshop is sponsored by the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science, the Department of Astrophysical Sciences and the Institute for Advanced Study.