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Photos 2009 Program

Program Organizers & Lecturers gather together with Participants for a full group photo¹ outside of Fuld Hall.

Over 110 Prospects in Theoretical Physics (PiTP) Participants attended this year's program on the campus of the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS).  The schedule offered two morning lectures each day of the program, with an occasional afternoon lecture as well, and participants were given the chance to explore the lecture materials more fully during frequent Homework and Question & Answer sessions.  The Scientific Organizers and Lecturers² for PiTP 2009 were (pictured from left to right): Peter Teuben (University of Maryland), Derek Richardson (University of Maryland), Michael Norman (University of California at San Diego), Volker Springel (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics), Frans Pretorius (Princeton University), Jim Stone (Princeton University), Anatoly Spitkovsky (Princeton University), and Scott Tremaine (Institute for Advanced Study). Lecturers not pictured were Kevin Bowers (Los Alamos National Laboratory and D.E. Shaw Research), William Dorland (University of Maryland), and Brian Kernighan (Princeton University).

  • Participants were encouraged to approach lecturers and organizers with their questions during the breaks, as seen in these photos of individual discussions with Professors Norman³ (with sunglasses), Spitkovsky³, Stone³Teuben³ and Tremaine³ . 
  • Morning and afternoon breaks also provided wonderful opportunities for participants to share ideas and build friendships among themselves: Break 1³, 2³, 3³, 4³, 5³, 6¹, and 7¹.

One of the goals of the program organizers each year is to reach out to and encourage women in the field, and as a special treat Dr. Shirley Tilghman, President of Princeton University, was invited to host a lunch discussion with female participants on the topic of "Women in Science." Here you can see Dr. Tilghman³ (far left) speaking with the women, and the women engaging in a lively discussion with her and among themselves: Women's Lunch 1³, 2³, 3³, 4³, and 5³.

    All participants, lecturers and organizers also were invited to attend two special dinners during the program.  During the first week, a Welcome Dinner was hosted in the Institute Dining Hall by Dr. Peter Goddard, Director of the Institute, and Mrs. Helen Goddard (Dinner 1², 2² and 3²).  The second week featured a more casual evening gathering, a Pizza and Pool Party at Olden Farm that included numerous sporting activities along with the food and fun: Party 1², 2², 3², 4², 5², 6², and 7².

    As you can see, 2009 was another busy and productive year for the Prospects in Theoretical Physics Program!

    To view additional photos, including numerous shots taken by various participants and by Professor Teuben, please visit:

    ¹ Photos by Randall Hagadorn
    ² Photos by Kate Ablutz
    ³ Photos by Andrea Kane