PiTP Travel from LaGuardia Airport


Travel Hints from LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport is about four hours from Princeton when traveling by public transportation, assuming no delays. LaGuardia Airport's web site has ground transportation information posted at:


We recommend you take the "NYC Airporter" service to Penn Station in New York City (you will need to take a shuttle to Grand Central Station then change to a shuttle to Penn Station).  You will find information on the "NYC Airporter" service at:


From New York's Penn Station you may take a New Jersey Transit train to Princeton. You will find information on New Jersey Transit train schedules at:

You should select the "Northeast Corridor" Rail Line Weekend Schedule for trains to Princeton on Sunday, July 14.

From New York's Penn Station you would take a New Jersey Transit train to the “Princeton Junction” station.  From “Princeton Junction” you may take a taxi (at a cost of about $20 USD) or you may take the New Jersey Transit shuttle train (sometimes referred to as the "DINKY") from the "Princeton Junction" station to the "Princeton" station, and then you may walk to the Institute or your program housing (both of which will be a 15-minute walk or less from the "Princeton" station. We will provide you with further details when we notify you of your specific housing assignment shortly before the start of the program.)